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Published by admina 24.04.2022

Perfumes with pheromones for men can really work wonders. See the latest ranking

Perfumes with pheromones for men are more and more often chosen by men all over the world. Why? The answer is simple! Pheromones, although odourless, are the best scents that nature has invented. They act on the human nervous system, making their perception subconscious. The scent of pheromones reaches the brain, causing certain behaviours.

Pheromones have a seductive power, they evoke strong emotions and reactions such as sympathy, attractiveness, relaxation or a sense of self-confidence. Unfortunately, mother nature is not entirely fair. Some men, who at first glance do not stand out with anything special, attract women like a magnet and are quite popular with the opposite sex. There are also those who, despite many efforts, remain invisible to women. The successful ones secrete the mysterious pheromones that act as an impulse. They mislead women and make them subconsciously become interested in a man.

Many manufacturers take advantage of this fact by adding pheromones to perfumes. They increase attractiveness, improve self-confidence and act like real aphrodisiacs. We asked a few volunteers to test such perfumes. Based on their ratings, we have created a ranking of the top 5 products that are worth your attention.

Désir Éternel Homme
1. Désir Éternel Homme
2. Chikara
Passion for him
3. Passion for him
4. Pheromax
Unresistable Men
5. Unresistable Men
Pheromone concentration
2 Chikara
Passion for him
3 Passion for him
4 Pheromax
Unresistable Men
5 Unresistable Men
1. Désir Éternel Homme
Désir Éternel Homme is a perfume that contains 3 male pheromones that arouse desire in women, reducing anxiety in the opposite sex and make it easier to communicate. Most importantly - they increase attractiveness. Of course, we are talking about the strongest male pheromones, i.e. androstadienone, androstenol and androstenone. This mixture also emphasizes male domination, affects the user's mood and even the respiratory centre, increasing the respiratory rate and thus signalling the readiness to experience unforgettable experiences together. People who have tested Désir Éternel Homme emphasize that they noticed that women were more interested in them. The same gentlemen reported that they became more self-confident and that other men listened more willingly.

Désir Éternel Homme perfumes with pheromones have one more important advantage - they simply smell amazing! The smell is surprising, unreal and we get the impression that the senses are transferred to another dimension. On contact with the skin, a delicate scent of lemongrass and elegant lily of the valley is released, and then it turns into warm, sensual tones of vanilla, cinnamon bark and intense floral-herbal geranium, which releases slightly earthy notes with prolonged contact. The whole sensation ends with coumarin. A bit controversial, but very liked by some. It smells fresh and smoky at the same time, like freshly mown hay, or like a combination of roasted almonds with strong vanilla. Such a combination of aromas certainly attracts not only female senses. What is more, this composition is perfect for all occasions. Vibrant, strong, sexy, elegant and symbiotic with the user. The addition of pheromones guarantees the expected results!

Désir Éternel Homme is efficient. The fragrance stays on the skin for up to 10 hours and smells good. The product has a high concentration of pheromones, which definitely increase the user's attractiveness. The price is reasonable.

+ contains the strongest male pheromones

+ subtle yet masculine, seductive fragrance

+ provoke and arouse the interest of women

+ increase attractiveness

+ persistent and safe


- none

I have tried it and I love it! Now I smell like a real man, the pheromones really work. I have met 3 new girls since I started using them.
We've been testing the product with my colleagues for some time. And the perfume worked perfectly well. Gentlemen, these pheromones really work.
Nice product. The most popular pheromones, I'm happy that they have created something like this. The smell is ok too. I like it.
2. Chikara
Chikara is another perfume with pheromones in the ranking, which, apart from their effectiveness, are also distinguished by their scent. What you definitely need to pay attention to is the concentration of pheromones. It looks quite nice. The manufacturer promises that few similar products can compete with Chikara. The composition also includes classic male pheromones: 3xA + 4 others, which the manufacturer does not name. They are so secret that you may suspect that they are not there at all. So it is difficult to say whether Chiakara is effective. Our testers emphasize that after using Chikara, they immediately become more aroused and self-confident, which was noticed by everyone around them. The smell of the product is also interesting. Chikara pheromone perfumes are elegant, seductive and harmonious. It will appeal to people who like strong and masculine aromas. In addition, they have a convenient atomizer, and the price/quality ratio is highly rated, which definitely increases the attractiveness of this product.

+ high concentration of popular pheromones

+ proven effectiveness

+ convenient to use


- the manufacturer mentions mysterious ingredients that are supposed to enhance the effects of pheromones but nowhere it is specified what these substances are

- strong, heavy scent that will not suit everyone

In my opinion, this product has only one disadvantage - there is simply not enough of it. 15 ml is supposed to be enough for 100 applications, but I have the impression that 60 is the maximum. Other than that, I was not disappointed with Chikara. Cool perfume.
I used this product, I was even satisfied with the overall results, but I don't like the smell very much. It is definitely too strong. It is not good for summer, but it's a matter of taste.
For me, this perfume is just OK. It doesn't have any major flaws, nor is it a great product.
3. Passion for him
Passion for him
Our testers ranked Passion for him in the 3rd place - a perfume described as a real aphrodisiac. The smell is quite pleasant. Delicate and masculine at the same time. It can be described as self-confidence improvement. The concentration of pheromones is much lower than in the case of the two previous products from the ranking, which is not entirely satisfactory. And despite the manufacturer's assurances that the scent stays on the skin for up to 8 hours, it doesn't. After just 4 hours, this subtle breeze of male self-confidence disappears like smoke from a chimney. Maybe it's a matter of inferior quality fragrance ingredients? We don't know that. One package of Passion for him contains 100 ml, but has low efficiency. In any case, Passion for him is worth trying, especially if someone is looking for a subtle, but still masculine fragrance with the addition of the most popular synthetic pheromones.

+ pleasant, subtle and masculine fragrance

+ large capacity


- the fragrance is not as persistent as stated by the manufacturer

- poor quality ingredients

- low efficiency

In my opinion, Passion for him is simply a good eau de toilette, which smells quite nice, but I can't say anything specific about its effectiveness. However, the smell disappears quickly.
One of the subtler fragrances I have tested. However, it is not masculine enough for me. The pheromones themselves may and do work, although I only noticed one effect. I have become more open to others.
Passion for him is an average product. I know that pheromones play a key role here, but since these are perfumes with pheromones, they could simply smell stronger and longer. Effectiveness is also at an average level. I would give it a 3/6 rating.
4. Pheromax
Pheromax is a product that states "there are good and the best things, and it definitely belongs to the latter category". Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Pheromax is just good, but definitely not the best. First of all, the concentration of pheromones in it is almost 2 times lower than in other products from this ranking. Secondly, the fragrance certainly cannot be described as captivating. It's a bit like the valerian that is used to treat insomnia, and that's the average recommendation for a real macho. Because this is what the potential user of these pheromones is to become. Its capacity is similar to other products of this type. The persistence is difficult to assess because the scent of valerian evaporates quite quickly and the skin has a sweet aroma that is nothing like any of the known fragrances. However, the price-quality ratio of the product is certainly a plus. Considering all its aspects, the price is OK.

+ good price for the quality of the product


- a scent of valerian that hardly anyone will like

- not very persistent

- low concentration of pheromones

- it is not known how long they stay on the skin

Pheromax has not worked for me at all. I do not see any connection between pheromones and any greater interest of girls in me. Just an ordinary product with average effectiveness.
It was supposed to be a bestseller. Nothing special to be honest. A strange smell that fortunately disappears quickly. The only good thing about it is the fact that it has a fairly decent concentration of pheromones.
Pheromax was supposed to make me more seductive, but it didn't. In fact, I haven't noticed any change in my relationships with others after using it.
5. Unresistable Men
Unresistable Men
Unresistable Men is placed in 5th place. However, these are not perfumes with pheromones, but ordinary odourless pheromones. Our testers got them for comparison, to check if the smell is of any importance in this type of products. Unresistable Men has a fairly high concentration of pheromones, which led us to believe that they will be effective. The manufacturer declares that in the version for men there are as many as 9 pheromones that are supposed to act like a magnet on women. Unfortunately, this is not true. Scientists have confirmed the presence of only 4 male pheromones and at the moment it is only possible to write about their effectiveness. Communicating that apart from these 4 pheromones you can count on 5 more is not very fair. They are definitely not substances that can enhance the properties of pheromones. In our opinion, these can be oils that are only pheromone carriers in this product. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not say about it directly, nor does he provide information about what are the oils exactly. And what definitely disturbed our testers from using Unresistable Men was its form - oil in a roll-on. It is not very pleasant to apply and leaves greasy stains on your clothes.

+ none


- has no smell

- not entirely true information on the manufacturer's website regarding the content of pheromones and oils

- leaves greasy stains on clothes

- it is not very comfortable to use

- the effectiveness of the product cannot be assessed

There were supposed to be new and better pheromones in the composition, but somehow I'm not entirely sure if there is anything there at all. I tested Passion for him as well and I was just not satisfied with it. This product did not meet my expectations too. I would rate it 3/5 it is just an average product.
I was interested in the roll-on form. I am allergic, so I get annoyed by all the perfume with atomizers because I sneeze. It's nice, but the consistency itself is unpleasant, it leaves greasy stains on clothes.
It is an average product for me. I thought that if there are 9 pheromones in the composition, I would be swarmed by birds. And the truth is, maybe 3/10 noticed that I smelled different, but they couldn't tell how or why.

Comments (23):


Holy crap, what a nice ranking! Thanks man for the honest info



Someone has already used the first perfume in the ranking? They say that it is good, I wonder if it is true...



Yes, I have used it. It is brilliant! If you like sweet, refreshing and masculine fragrances, you will like it too. The pheromones really work. I don't know how, but the chicks smile at me much more often :)



OK, I'm buying it then!



I had Chikara. It is exactly as they wrote here. The smell is a bit too strong for me. Nothing special



I have the same feeling. It seems to have 4 pheromones and some other mysterious ingredients that were supposed to work like that, seduce chicks, and in my case, the only seduction I could count on was my wallet



I used 3 products from this ranking. The worst in my opinion was Phermomax. No results here. Passion for him has a nice, very discreet scent, girls like it. But my #1 was Unresistable. 9 pheromones are impressive. I'm quite shy and maybe it's a placebo effect, but the mere fact that I was using it encouraged me a lot.



I ordered Désir Éternel Homme. I like its smell very much. We'll see if it will make me a real macho as much as this Unresistable, because I'm a terrible nerd: D: D: D



Good luck, man! Pheromones really work, you just have to give them a chance.



Gentlemen, let me know if any of these perfumes with pheromones worked for you because I'm terribly desperate!



Igor, I think you have to try these pheromones yourself to see if it works at all. The ranking says that virtually all of them have similar results. The only question is whether you will like their smell. But I think it's an individual matter because these pheromones must first mix with our natural scent.



Maybe you're right Caroline... I think I will get Passion for him because it's cheap. The only question is whether I will not regret it.



Don't look at the price. Go for what smells best to you :D



No. When something costs pennies, you have to think about the quality. I doubt that cheap perfumes with pheromones for 100 ml really work. Look up how much good perfumes without pheromones cost and think about it.



It's hard to disagree with that. So what? Should I order Désir Éternel Homme?



I wouldn't look at the price, but the quality :)



Do you really believe that perfumes with pheromones can work on women?



They do! Try it first and then post your opinions!



Exactly, try it first, then write comments like this. Yes, not all of them work, because some are simply of poor quality. But there's no point in generalizing, come on! I used Alluramin, which is not here, but I have noticed that I draw more attention. The girls were talking to me by themselves, some of them just smiled. But I was annoyed that Alluramin has to be used together with perfumes, because it doesn't smell at all, so when I see that there is an alternative like Désir Éternel Homme, I don't even think about it anymore, I just buy it!



Damn gentlemen, I wonder whether to buy pheromones for myself, because somehow you are not particularly interested in me :) Which one of them has a female equivalent?



Désir Éternel has a variant for women - Désir Éternel Femme, check their website. Phermomax is also for females I think, but I don't know that for sure



Yes, they both have female equivalents. Although I have not used any of them yet :D



Thanks, I will look for a similar ranking for women :) I will gladly check what they write about them.


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